About Our Ingredients

All of our sugar and salt scrubs are based on our proprietary blend of moisturizing organic oils. We choose our other ingredients—USDA organic whenever possible—for their therapeutic, skin-healing properties and natural scents.

Organic Refined Coconut Oil

We choose to use organic, refined coconut oil because it is more stable (less likely to go bad) and has less of a coconut odor (making it less overpowering) than unrefined coconut oil. NOTE: For coconut-scented scrubs, we do use unrefined coconut oil to achieve the delicious fresh coconut scent.

Organic Sweet Almond Oil

We use organic sweet organic almond oil, because we like its deep moisturizing powers and nearly non-existent odor.

Organic, Unrefined Cane Sugar

We use organic, unrefined cane sugar for its high mineral content, gentle exfoliation, and moisture retention.

Epsom Salt

A natural mineral that’s been used for hundreds of years, Epsom salt is readily absorbed by the skin, sloughing away dead cells, reducing inflammation, and relaxing muscles.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Considered the purest salt available, Himalayan salt is extracted from ancient sea bed salt deposits that are more than 250 million years old, so they are completely uncontaminated with toxins or pollutants.

Vitamin E Oil

We add Vitamin E oil to all of our scrubs, as it offers important skin-healing benefits—moisturizers, antioxidants, and deep cleansing powers—and it is a natural preservative that helps our scrubs have a longer shelf life.

Coloring & Scents

Whenever possible, we make our own scents and colors from organic fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices. In some cases, we use essential oils or extracts for their particularly concentrated scent. Please see our Etsy page at https://www.etsy.com/shop/SugarMyBody for a list of ingredients for each scent we have available.

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About Our Ingredients

All of our sugar and salt scrubs are made from the finest ingredients. Click here for a full list of organic ingredients.

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